Welcome to the Kane Area School District Use of Facilities
Online Request Form

If you are a new requester, click the "Become a Requester" button.
It will take up to 5 business days to have your requester status approved.
A valid e-mail address is required to request facilities at KASD.

Once approved as a requester, sign in with your username and password you created to fill out requests for facility use at the Kane Area School District.  The approval will come via e-mail.  Be sure to save your requester username and password as you will use this for future requests.

If you are not able to fill out an online request, you will need to go to the KASD office of the facilities you are requesting to go through the process in person. 

**If your event requires lifeguards, kitchen staff or security, you must list their names in the "setup notes" box or the "other needs box" at the bottom of your request page before submitting your facility request**

KASD Use of Facilities Rules and Regulations
KASD Lifeguard Policy
KASD Security List and Job Description
KASD UOF Fee Structure

KASD Coaches - DO NOT use the Facility Scheduler for In-Season Practices.  You will be given a procedure for using Activity Scheduler (a different program) for In-Season practices.  Facility Scheduler should only be used for Open Gyms out of regular season/playoffs and for parent meetings. 

If you have questions or concerns on this system, please call 814-837-9570 or e-mail: KASDUof@kasd.net